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I’m here for you!

Beginners, intermediate, advanced and pro’s. It doesn’t matter to me what level your at with your instrument. I treat all that rest on my bench with equal importance!

This is what came natural to me! I spent years wanting nothing more than to play music for a living. It didn’t work out the way I would have liked so I went a different direction. Or should I say the direction chose me. The growth and experience I’ve gained over the last 12 years of having my shop is a blur. Time sure flies!

I want you to know that I’m here for you! Although I may give all I have to each instrument, I’m not perfect. We are all different and we all have a different feel. I guarantee all the work I’ve done. Please let me know if something isn’t right for you, if something doesn’t feel right after pickup, usually I can do any adjustments that need to be made while you wait. Until I get it right for you!

Thank you for your time and hope to see you soon,







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