“I was on the hunt to get my boyfriend’s old Takamine lawsuit guitar fixed as a surprise for his birthday. I was nervous, excited, and wondering if I should even take on the task.

After finding Todd, he put all those worries at ease. I found Todd’s guitars through at internet search and quickly gave him a call. Everything from that moment on was a positive experience.

He saw me quickly. After assessing the damage (a neck reset), he thoroughly walked me through his exact plan of attack. He told me all the issues the guitar had, but prioritized things that needed to get down to make it playable again verses the nice-to-haves.

This was so helpful, especially for someone like me who doesn’t have a depth of knowledge in guitar repairs. He gave me an estimate that I thought was beyond reasonable (especially compared to another estimate I received from another luthier). And then he told me to check out other luthiers too if I wanted, just to make sure I was certain about moving forward with Todd.

How great is that?! He gave me an estimate and told me he would not surpass it. That the estimate covered all the little surprises along the way. Again, awesome. Throughout the process he did run into some bumps because the guitar was originally built in a unique way, but he thoroughly walked me through that process as well.

And as he promised, he never exceeded the original estimate. Because of this thorough process, I felt confident in Todd’s ability all along the way and had zero doubts.

I really felt lucky to have found him. What a gem! And he truly loves guitars, their unique characters, pasts, and sounds. He wants to bring to it back to life without losing all those things that make it special. He’s terrific. My boyfriend couldn’t believe the quality of work Todd did on his Takamine and has since handed over his beloved Gibson to Todd for some fret work. I highly recommend Todd. Positive experience all around. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

– Lori Hicks

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