Hey man thanks again for workin your magic on my musicman so stoked on it it plays amazing.

Heres my  little review

I brought my musicman bass to Todd to replace the potentiometer. I was pleased when he told me he could take care of it no worries and would order the part directly from ernieball. While speaking to him in his workshop I straight away was impressed with his knowledge, dedication to the trade and love for music in general. I told him I had just had the bass set-up at guitar center and he reconfirmed my mixed emotions about the overall performance of the bass. We decided to go ahead with a full setup. I picked up my bass today and I couldn’t be happier. It plays better than when I bought it, and of course the volume knob works perfectly now.

All in all I definitely recommend Todd’s services. I am real happy with the work he did, Todd is the man.

-Rene Schaller-Angulo

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