What I Needed Was A Guitar Magician

I got my ’77 Guild S-300 because I could feel it had some magic in it the moment I picked it up. Unfortunately, the frets were absolutely shot; so worn down that the guitar was practically unplayable from a professional standpoint. What I needed was a guitar magician to revive this old voodoo machine. Luckily for me and my Guild, I found that guitar magician in Todd Baker!

Todd pulled off a masterpiece with my re-fret job. He restored the badly painted and thrashed ebony fretboard to its pristine original condition, and the new frets feel better than any guitar I’ve owned (seriously). Because the board was so thrashed, one of the inlay dots popped off during sanding. Todd replaced the dot and I can’t even tell which one it was.

Todd also crafted an excellent bone nut, replaced a broken switch, swapped the neck and bridge pickup, and completely rewired my guitar for me. Thanks to his work, the magic within this axe is now being fully realized.

This is absolutely world class work from an attentive and friendly luthier who genuinely cares about client satisfaction. Also, his turnaround is quick and his rates are agreeable. I would take my other guitars to him without thinking twice, but I’m not sure I’ll ever need to play them again after getting my Guild back!

Ellis Hawes (Pico Sound, Seattle)

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