My goal is to start a relationship with all my customers no matter the playing level.  It is important that I get to know what kind of player you are so I can set your instrument up for you!  All my work is guaranteed.  If your not satisfied please let me know and I will make it right at no cost to you, good days and Glory!!!

Over the last thirty years Todd has always had a guitar in his hand. He’s played music, worked as a stagehand, and eventually apprenticed under a stage production manager, who was also a luthier. That’s when it became clear to Todd that his passion is repairing and building instruments.

So he enrolled and completed his education in the construction and repair of guitars at the renowned Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery. And now – with excitement, patience, integrity and experience – he brings this service to the greater Puget Sound area with his guitar shop located in West Seattle.


Todd Baker
Todd Baker

“I want people to love the way their instruments sound and feel after I’ve worked on them or built one for them.

After all, working for the player is what I do!”



Great Set Up

“I brought my musicman bass to Todd to replace the potentiometer. I was pleased when he told me he could take care of it no worries and would order the part directly from ernieball. While speaking to him in his workshop I straight away was impressed with his knowledge, dedication to the trade and love for music in general. I told him I had just had the bass set-up at guitar center and he reconfirmed my mixed emotions about the overall performance of the bass. We decided to go ahead with a full setup. I picked up my bass today and I couldn’t be happier. It plays better than when I bought it, and of course the volume knob works perfectly now.

All in all I definitely recommend Todd’s services. I am real happy with the work he did, Todd is the man.”

– Rene Schaller-Angulo

Perfect Restoration

“I found a guitar at a garage sale with a date of 1969 on it but no brand name. The neck was broken, and it obviously was sitting out and unused for years.

I took it to Todd and he did a fantastic job of putting it back in working order. I thought I would just keep it as novelty because it’s undersized and a little different. But when the jack on my usual guitar went bad, I grabbed it as a substitute.

WHAT A SURPRISE! Todd made this sow’s ear into a silk purse. I now use it almost exclusively! Thanks Todd. Excellent Work.”

– Ed Andrea

What I Needed Was a Guitar Magician

I got my ’77 Guild S-300 because I could feel it had some magic in it the moment I picked it up. Unfortunately, the frets were absolutely shot; so worn down that the guitar was practically unplayable from a professional standpoint. What I needed was a guitar magician to revive this old voodoo machine. Luckily for me and my Guild, I found that guitar magician in Todd Baker!

Todd pulled off a masterpiece with my re-fret job. He restored the badly painted and thrashed ebony fretboard to its pristine original condition, and the new frets feel better than any guitar I’ve owned (seriously). Because the board was so thrashed, one of the inlay dots popped off during sanding. Todd replaced the dot and I can’t even tell which one it was.

Todd also crafted an excellent bone nut, replaced a broken switch, swapped the neck and bridge pickup, and completely rewired my guitar for me. Thanks to his work, the magic within this axe is now being fully realized.

This is absolutely world class work from an attentive and friendly luthier who genuinely cares about client satisfaction. Also, his turnaround is quick and his rates are agreeable. I would take my other guitars to him without thinking twice, but I’m not sure I’ll ever need to play them again after getting my Guild back!

– Ellis Hawes (Pico Sound, Seattle)

Early 70’s Takamine Neck Reset

“I was on the hunt to get my boyfriend’s old Takamine lawsuit guitar fixed as a surprise for his birthday. I was nervous, excited, and wondering if I should even take on the task.

After finding Todd, he put all those worries at ease. I found Todd’s guitars through at internet search and quickly gave him a call. Everything from that moment on was a positive experience.

He saw me quickly. After assessing the damage (a neck reset), he thoroughly walked me through his exact plan of attack. He told me all the issues the guitar had, but prioritized things that needed to get down to make it playable again verses the nice-to-haves.

This was so helpful, especially for someone like me who doesn’t have a depth of knowledge in guitar repairs. He gave me an estimate that I thought was beyond reasonable (especially compared to another estimate I received from another luthier). And then he told me to check out other luthiers too if I wanted, just to make sure I was certain about moving forward with Todd.

How great is that?! He gave me an estimate and told me he would not surpass it. That the estimate covered all the little surprises along the way. Again, awesome. Throughout the process he did run into some bumps because the guitar was originally built in a unique way, but he thoroughly walked me through that process as well.

And as he promised, he never exceeded the original estimate. Because of this thorough process, I felt confident in Todd’s ability all along the way and had zero doubts.

I really felt lucky to have found him. What a gem! And he truly loves guitars, their unique characters, pasts, and sounds. He wants to bring to it back to life without losing all those things that make it special. He’s terrific. My boyfriend couldn’t believe the quality of work Todd did on his Takamine and has since handed over his beloved Gibson to Todd for some fret work. I highly recommend Todd. Positive experience all around. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

– Lori Hicks

“Hey man thanks again for workin your magic on my musicman so stoked on it it plays amazing.”

– Rene Schaller-Angulo